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There's no straight path or playbook that we follow for all of us who have a role in partnerships. The position of partnerships within a company means something different depending on who you talk to, and because of this, the role is rarely seen at the executive table. In one company, the role of partnerships is a part of sales, while in another, it could be a part of operations or marketing. Channel data is typically siloed in disconnected systems, making it difficult to understand trends to make critical decisions. I’ve been in these roles. I have faced the uphill battles that are a result of this inconsistency.

About Me

I didn’t find my true calling until many years into my career. I graduated from college with a technical degree but ended up taking a sales position after graduation. Being an introvert, this was not the ideal job. Still, I was always fascinated by technology and enjoyed connecting with others over how innovations could benefit their lives. After spending a couple of years managing a sales team, I decided to transition to an enterprise sales engineer role. As a sales engineer, I quickly became exposed to channel partners and learned how to work along with them in many different capacities. I saw the differences between each tech and saas partner I worked with and how they affected every sales opportunity and wanted to find a better way to prospect qualified partners and understand how to motivate the existing partners. I am currently VP of Strategic Alliances at a startup based in Dallas, TX.

Seven years later, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to build and manage partner programs, train integrators, resellers, and agent partners, coached sales teams, and worked with many different companies and roles within the organization to close deals. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and now I want to give back to the partner community by creating this newsletter.

What Happens Now?

Each month, I publish two types of newsletters. One is a weekly update on news and announcements in the world of tech and SaaS partnerships that get emailed to subscribers every week. I also publish articles that cover methods and frameworks to create and leverage partnerships to generate revenue twice a month. Subscribe now to receive future articles.

It is my goal that every article has something of value for you to take back. If it doesn’t, please let me know. I love to hear feedback.

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