Partner Trends #021

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Around the Industry

  • Logiq, a global provider of e-commerce and fintech solutions, announced that it had acquired digital marketing solutions provider Rebel AI. The acquisition will give Logiq the ability to offer a simplified, easy-to-use platform for marketers in SMB to more effectively compete against larger businesses for new customers. The Logiq Digital Marketing platform will provide marketers advanced audience targeting, artificial intelligence algorithms, and blockchain-based security.

  • Byju’s, India’s biggest online education startup, has agreed to acquire brick-and-mortar test prep leader Aakash Educational Services for nearly $1 billion. Aakash currently owns and operates more than 200 physical tutoring centers across India and services more than 250,000 students. The deal will be one of the largest edtech acquisitions globally and is set to close in the next few months.

  • OneTrust, a privacy platform provider, announced it would acquire, Convercent, an ethics and compliance platform provider. Convercent’s platform gives employers the ability to offer their employees tools to report ethical violations and insights to make proactive employee behavior decisions. The acquisition will allow OneTrust to add ethics to its privacy platform that currently offers security, governance, and compliance solutions.

Partner Program Announcements

  • VirtualPBX recently announced updates to its Referral Partner Program. In the new partner portal, partners will now access materials such as datasheets, whitepapers, training videos, and guides. Marketing assets such as banners for third-party websites and testimonial graphics will also be available. New partners that join the program will now also be assigned a dedicated account representative.

  • Fortanix, a data-first multi-cloud security company, announced the launch of the Fortanix Partners First program. The new channel partner program is designed to help technology resellers grow their business by leveraging the Fortanix Data Security Manager. Partners who join the program will receive incentive discounts on registered deals, margin protection, sales training, and technical training.

  • Corcentric, a provider of business spend and revenue management software and services, announced new updates of its Global Alliance Partner Program. The program will provide strategic partners with an expanded partner network, access to advanced and proven technologies for automating supplier onboarding, contract migration, invoice archival, and procurement and performance management.

Partnership Announcements

  • ServiceNow and Qualtrics announced a strategic partnership to help companies deliver advanced next-generation employee experiences and customer service. The combined offering will leverage ServiceNow’s digital workflows with Qualtric’s experience management technology. The new joint solution will allow companies to visualize performance, uncover key drivers of service satisfaction, and easily act on those insights.

  • Retarus, a global cloud messaging solution, announced a strategic partnership with MicroCorp, a leading national master agent for telecommunications, data center, and cloud services. As a result of the partnership, both companies collaborate to integrate their cloud solutions for global and SMB customers. With this collaboration, Retarus will leverage MicroCorp’s global reach, while MicroCorp will expand and diversify its portfolio of cloud-managed solutions from Retarus.

  • ADA, a leading data and artificial company, has announced a strategic partnership with Insider, a leading Growth Management Platform for digital marketers, to help enterprises drive data-led growth marketing initiatives. The strategic partnership will allow customers to scale up and predict customer behavior in real-time using ADA’s integrated digital analytics and marketing platform with Insider’s AI-powered Growth Management Platform.

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