What is Partner Up?

My name is Peter, and I’ve managed large partner programs, consulted on existing partner programs, and built one from the ground up. I’m constantly fascinated by how the world of business partnerships has evolved over the past years and believe there is still a bit of work to be done until we see companies embrace partnerships completely.

I started Partner Up because I want to create better partnerships. Over time, the variety of methods that I learned from reflecting on my own experiences, reading success stories from others, and listening to interviews made me realize that there’s so much information that needs to be shared. What fascinates me about creating partnerships is that it takes much more than just a transaction to succeed. Understanding what influences a partnership all through the partner journey is my mission. This newsletter is my way of sharing what I’ve learned, the various processes that I’ve used, and even some new ways to approach partnerships using mental models that explain what influences our decisions as partners and buyers.

If you’re a partnership professional, then I hope that you learn something new that helps you become better at your role.

If you’re a business leader and want to start a partner program or not sure how you’ll create a strategic partnership or alliance, then I hope my newsletter will give you the piece of advice that you’re looking for.

If you’re just curious about partnerships and how the process works behind the scenes, then you’re going to enjoy what I share.

What To Expect

Each month, I publish two types of newsletters. One is a weekly update on news and announcements in the world of tech and SaaS partnerships that get emailed to subscribers every week. I also publish articles that cover methods and frameworks to create and leverage partnerships to generate revenue twice a month.

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