What is Partner Up?

Welcome to Partner Up. My name is Peter, and I’ve managed large partner programs, consulted on existing partner programs, and built one from the ground up. I’m constantly fascinated by how the world of business partnerships has evolved over the past years and believe there is still a bit of work to be done until we see companies embrace partnerships completely. For such a critical influencer in sales, marketing, operations, and product, it’s interesting to see that every company has its own interpretation and prioritization of partnerships within its organization.

I’ve been on both sides of the table in conversations and activities around pitching partnerships, creating and negotiating agreements, and providing support and training after the handshake. From my work in enterprise and startups, I’ve noticed common trends among both parties in partnerships and decided to share my experience now to help business leaders build partner programs that align with their vision.

What To Expect

Each month, I publish two types of newsletters. One is a weekly update on news and announcements in the world of tech and SaaS partnerships that get emailed to subscribers every week. I also publish articles that cover methods and frameworks to create and leverage partnerships to generate revenue bi-weekly.

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